Organization Tips

5 Timely Tips for Clutter Management on the Desk from our Atlanta based professional organizers at Getting You Organized, LLC:

1. Those business cards you’ve received from the various business networking events should not be tossed all over your desk. Consider scanning them into your computer to create a database of prospects.
2. That stapler along with its paper clip buddies and elastic band neighbors should not have been allowed to lease a spot on your desk. Consider giving them notice immediately! Place them in your desk drawer and keep them there until needed.
3. The stack of yellow file folders that stretches lazily across the corner surface of your desk with papers hanging out of them – consider moving these to a filing
cabinet or lower desk compartments.
4. Those receipts and coupon offers that occupy the space near your computer keyboard – consider placing the unexpired coupons in a small coupon holder and scan your receipts onto a thumb drive.
5. In a nutshell, our Atlanta based professional organizers at Getting You Organized is proud to share with you 3 – 5 items that should be allowed to stay on your desk:
1. Your keyboard
2. The CPU (optional)
3. The telephone
4. A plant (preferably live)
5. A picture of yourself

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