Organize Your Car & Ride Comfortably

Clutter has no boundaries and so, before you know it, the interiors of your car could very well end up being a victim of the ‘clutter take-over’.

Our Atlanta based team of professional organizers at Getting You Organized is proud to present three tips for controlling clutter in your car:

1. Keep a small note pad and pen set in your vehicle to capture vital information. This reduces the amount of hand written papers and sticky notes all over your car.

2. Keep a small pouch in your vehicle (under the front passenger side car seat)  – great for storing your deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, nail clipper, a small mirror and a comb.

3. Keep a small strap on “organizer”  at the back side of your front passenger seat.  This is great for carrying files, folders, CDs, magazines and business cards.


We know that there are only so many hours in one day so with that being said, ask our team here at Getting You Organized, LLC for help. That is what we are here for. From a “mini” telephone consultation to an appointment visit


Betty Scott is a Professional Organizer at Getting You Organized, LLC  who thinks that any surface that has three or more inches of space will definitely become a magnet for clutter. Clutter taking over? Contact Betty Scott, or 646-250-8103.