The “O” In Office = The “O” In Organized

It’s your office. It’s your space. It’s large or it’s small. It’s sometimes in a corporate setting or it’s sometimes in your home. Whereever it is and whatever you do in that space is totally within your control. But when clutter start taking over, you eventually loose control over that space. And, according to our team here at the Atlanta branch of Getting You Organized, a “clutter takeover” brings with it other “negatives” including the following.

“O” my gosh, I can’t seem to find my check leaves. I need to get “O”rganized.

“O” my goodness, I just left the file on this desk yesterday and now I can’t locate it. I can’t go on like this, I need “O”rganization.

“O” no, I need a larger “O”ffice so that I can be more “O”rganized.

If the above describe your “O”ffice, it is time to get “O”rganized.


Betty Scott is a Professional Organizer and Space Creation Specialist at Getting You Organized, LLC.  For more information, visit us on or call our office at 646-250-8103.